The feeling of flying above the ground, power, speed, bright shine of the sun and snow – this is not a complete list of those emotions that you can feel from snowboarding. Some treat it as a favorite entertainment. It may also be a professional activity for someone. In general, it doesn’t matter how professional you are, it is important to be completely prepared for snowboard. An important role is played by the presence of equipment and clothes for snowboarding. After all, it allows you to provide a comfortable “ride”.

If you are faced with the task of purchasing clothes for snowboarding, then it is mandatory to take into account certain criteria. It should be understood that these clothes are a technological and functional product that can provide a comfortable state to the body during activities. That’s why pants and jackets should have the following characteristics:


– ease;

– watertightness;

– free cut;

– free passage of air;

– the presence of a very rich functional base.

– availability of ventilation holes;

– pockets to put the right things there;

– velcro and fasteners made of high quality materials;

– glued zippers and seams.


Snowboarders should be very comfortable in these clothes. A sense of comfort should not leave them in any situation, nothing should hinder the movement. In short, high-quality clothes should not interfere with enjoying the feeling of «flight”. Do not forget that a snowboarder develops a fairly high speed when riding, so the air shouldn’t penetrate through the fabric and create a feeling of cold. Comfortable feeling is provided by membrane fabric that prevents the penetration of cold air, while excess heat and moisture are removed outside.


Also, a sign of the quality of clothes is good fixation of the velcro and buckles. The clothes shouldn’t get unbuttoned because of the motions, etc. The ventilation system can reduce the temperature, thus there is no need to unbutton a jacket.


There is also another important point that should be paid attention to. In most cases, clothes for snowboarding are quite bright, with eye-catching prints and colors. This kind of diversity has two goals. Firstly, the clothes will suit even the most demanding person, with inflated demands to their appearance. Secondly, we should not forget that it is an active kind of sport. Snowboarders descend from mountains at high speed, and they don’t want to meet obstacles on their ways. They need to see well in order to notice a person from afar and turn aside. Bright things will help in it. You should agree that it is much easier to see a person in bright jacket and pants with the snow in the background. That’s why, it is better to give preference to clothes of bright colors and with bright prints.